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Paper of Islamic History and Culture Paper-I CSS 2013

Paper of Islamic History and Culture Paper-I CSS 2013 Held on 28-02-2013
CSS 2013, Paper-I of Islamic History and Culture CSS held on 28-February -2013

Islamic History & Culture I

Q2. The Byzantine civilization was the one of the major civilization of its time, explain its major achievements and the causes of its downfall?

Q3. Describe any Two of the following institutions of Islam in the light of teaching of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and how to put into service at present in the Muslims states?
(a) Judicail System (b) Economic Organism (c) Character building and social order

Q4. Explain the basis on which Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) became a Khalifah/Caliph and pen down his role as a protector of Islamic way of life.

Q5. Describe the scientific and literary advancement of Abbasid Period and how it can be revived in at present?

Q6. Give an account of the fall and disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and describe its similarities with present Muslim’s rule?

Q7. The Muslim civilization gave a new religious and socio-political order. Give a comparison with New World Order.

Q8. Explain the impact of Mithaq-e-Madina in that divergence living state of society of Medina and how it can be employed now? Discuss.

Paper of Islamic History and Culture Paper-I MCQS

01. The Abbasids defeated:
a) Salahuddin Ayyubi
b) The Mongols
c) The Ghaznawids
d) None of these.

02. Ummayyah Caliph Mau’wiyah II was son of:
a) Abu Talib
b) Abu Sufyan
c) Jafar
d) None of these.

03. Which is the 3rd Surah in Al-Quran?
a) Al-Maida
b) Al-e-Imran
c) An-Nisa
d) None of these.

04. Imam Shafi was:
a) Philosopher
b) Jurist
c) Poet
d) None of these.

05. What is the modern day name of Abyssinia:
a) Africa
b) Ethiopia
c) Synia or Abass
d) None of these.

06. Aws and Khazraj were two tribes:
a) The Jews
b) The Quraish
c) The Ansaar
d) None of these.

07. Hazrat Hamza (RA) accepted in the year:
a) 3 Nabvi
b) 8 Nabvi
c) 2 A.H
d) None of these.

08. Rulers of Pre-Islam Iran were called:
a) Qaisar
b) Kisra
c) Sultan
d) None of these.

09. Before Islam Arab were:
a) Autonomous body
b) Illiterate
c) Own mind
d) None of these.

10. Hadith was compiled by:
a) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
b) Hujjaj Bin Yousuf (RA)
c) Umar bin Abdul Aziz (RA)
d) None of these.

11. Hajre-i-Aswad means:
a) Pious Stone
b) Black Stone
c) Historical Stone
d) None of these.

12. The battle of Jamal was fought between the Hazrat Aisha (RA) and:
a) Talha
b) Mu’wiyah
c) Yezid
d) None of these.

13. Khalid bin Walid (RA) was removed from the command during the expedition to:
a) Iran
b) Tabuk
c) Yaman
d) None of these

14. Surah Al Noor speaks of:
a) Wars
b) Mal-i-Ghanimat
c) Judicial order only
d) None of these.

15. Imam Bukhari died in:
a) 322 A.D
b) 261 A.D
c) 241 A.D
d) None of these.

16. Asmaha The Najashi King of Habsha with whom the Muslim refuge took refuge for the first time was:
a) Jew
b) Christian
c) Mushrik
d) None of these.

17. Sulh-i-Hudabiyah was written by:
a) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
b) Hazrat Ali (RA)
c) Hazrat Umar (RA)
d) None of these

18. Hajjaj bin Yousuf was:
a) Ummayyad
b) Abbasid
c) Ottoman
d) None of these

19. Hazrat Abu Sufyan lost his eye in the battle of:
a) Taif
b) Ohud
c) Khandaq
d) None of these

20. Ibn-i-Sina was born in:
a) AH 370/ AD 980
b) AH 374/ AD 984
c) AH 368/ AD 970
d) None of these

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