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CSS 2017 Paper of English Literature Subjective

Paper of English Literature Subjective, the paper is shared for guidance of the students preparing for CSS Exams, Therefore, this paper of CSS 2017 of English Literature is very important.  After reviewing this paper you may be able to understand the pattern of the CSS paper.

Q. No. 2. In what way, Wordsworth has democratised the tradition of literature? Discuss it with special reference to his poem “Resolution and Independence”

Q. No. 3. “The Waste Land” evoked the waste and sterility of a Western world ravaged by the horrors of World War-I; it is not a poem about war but the war’s trauma. Discuss.

Q. No. 4. Bradly argues that Hamlet’s inaction is due to his melancholia caused by his father’s death and his mother’s hasty remarriage. What do you think, why does Hamlet procrastinate in killing the King?

Q. No. 5. D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers is somewhat autobiographical in which is portrayed a young man’s inner struggles caused by his affection for his mother. What self-realization does the protagonist experience after the death of his

Q. No. 6. With what kind of evidence and reasoning does Freud support the psychoanalytic theory that children entertain death- wishes toward their parents? And how does it help us to interpret literary texts?

Q. No. 7. Female poetics seeks to understand why female authors tend to favour certain genres (lyric, poetry, novel, short story, tale, letters, diaries, memories) over others (epic, martial romance, drama, satire). Elaborate.

Q. No. 8. (a) According to Emerson what terrors frighten us from self-trust? Where in the essay “Self-Reliance” do you find the clearest statements that tune the strings of transcendentalism?

(b) Sketch the character of Thomas Wilson in Somerset Maugham’s “The Lotus Eater.” Is the title of the story appropriate to him?

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