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Past Paper of Anthropology Subjective CSS 2017

Aer you looking for paper of Anthropology Subjective CSS 2017? apni webzone provides the compete paper that eas held in CE 2017. Follwing are the question that were appeard in the paper.

Q. No. 2. How perspective of Anthropology can be used to study global trends like global warming and erosion of bio-diversity?

Q. No. 3. How applied anthropology can be utilized to solve the problems faced by humanity in contemporary world?

Q. No. 4. Write a detailed account of gift exchange. Give samples from everyday life to substantiate your answer?

Q. No. 5. Define “animism” and state the evolutionary scheme of religion provided by E. B. Tylor.

Q. No. 6. What is incest taboo? Explain different theories about incest taboo. (20)
Q. No. 7. Is this poverty which is the real cause of overpopulation or it is the population pressure
that is responsible for increasing poverty? Substantiate your argument by quoting
relevant facts and figures.

Q. No. 8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:
(a) Sororal Polygyny & Sororate
(b) Uxorilocal residence & Virilocal Residence
(c) Phratry & Moiety
(d) Research tools & Research Method
(e) Palaeolithic Culture
(f) Ethnography

Hopefully this paper of of Anthropology Subjective CSS 2017 will hel the candidates apperaing for the exames of CSS

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