CSS Paper of Zoology 2018 by FPSC

CSS Paper of Zoology was held in 2018 by the federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan. Students selcted subject of CSS can get guidence from this paper. Part-I of the the paper Consists of MCQs and 2nd par questions are reproduced as under.

Q. No. 2. Discuss in detail how do the marine and terrestrial animals meet the problems of salt and water balance?
Q. No. 3. Differentiate between endocrine and exocrine glands. Through how many kinds of receptors do the hormones act and how is the secretion rate controlled?
Q. No. 4. Arthropod exoskeleton is the most complex of invertebrate integuments. Describe its structure and explain the difference in the way the cuticle is hardened in Crustaceans and in insects.
Q. No. 5. Members of such a large and diverse phylum as mollusca impact humans in many ways. Discuss. Also name classes of the phylum with two differential characters for each.
Q. No. 6. (a) Discuss parasitic adaptation and medical importance with respect to nematodes.
(b) Write note on structural and functional adaptation in mammals.
Q. No. 7. Metamerism profoundly influences virtually every aspect of annelid structure and function, such as the anatomical arrangement of organs that are coincidentally with Metamerism. Discuss through logical reasoning.
Q. No. 8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following: (05 each)
(a) Gas exchange in reptiles
(b) Carbohydrates: Nature’s Most Abundant Organic Substance
(c) Mendel’s Law of inheritance
(d) Food chain
(e) Social Behaviour and its impact on individuals
(f) Composition of blood

Hope this CSS Paper of Zoology held in 2018 will guide you the patren of the paper. You may also like to read Paper of Zoology CSS 2013

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