Paper of International Law CSS Exams 2013

Paper of International Law CSS 2013 Held on 01-03-2013

1. International law is a product of centuries – elaborate the statement in view of the scientific development and codification of the law.

2. States continue to be the principal subjects of international legal relations but non-state entities too exert a great deal of influence on the legal system. Examine the statement with reference to rights and duties of international organizations under law.

3. While customs form the major part of International law it is conventions that make it more authentic and applicable. Discuss.

4. Why is the third UN convention on the law of sea (UNCLOS-III) considered a vast diplomatic and legal undertaking and what has made it different to the earlier efforts on the subject ?

5. Explain the structure and powers of the International Court of Justice and assess the importance of the principles laid down in judicial decisions of leading cases as precedents for states.

6. Define Recognition and explain its kinds. Also point out the difference between recognition of states and governments.