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CSS Exams 2014 Paper of European History

Past Paper of European History CSS Exams 2014, European History CE Exams 2014, that was held on 19-02-204
Q.No.2. Examine critically the social and political changes brought about by the French Revolution in France from 1789-95.

Q.No.3. Analyze the factors responsible for the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Q.No.4. Estimate the potential strengths and weaknesses of the Orleans Monarchy under Louis Philippe.

Q.No.5. The Treaty of Berlin 1878 marked the end of one epoch and the beginning of a new one in the history of Europe. Discuss.

Q.No.6. Examine why and how events in the Balkans contributed to the growth of international tension from 1908-14.

Q.No.7. Critically access the factor leading to the unification of Italy.

Q.No.8. Write short NOTES on any TWO of the following:

(a) Continental System.
(b) Holy Alliance.
(c) Concert of Europe.

PAPER – II of European History CSS Papers 2014

Q.No.2. The League of Nations suffered a series of reverses which culminated eventually in its complete collapse. Discuss.

Q.No.3. Critically evaluate the causes and effects of Bolshevik Revolution (1917).

Q.No.4. What factors were mainly responsible for the rise of Hitler? What mainly contributed to his downfall?

Q.No.5. Give a comparative analysis of NATO and Warsaw Pact.

Q.No.6. Critically assess the achievements and failures of Great Britain foreign policy between the two world wars.

Q.No.7. What were the salient features of Soviet policy of expansion in Eastern Europe till 1960?

Q.No.8. Write short NOTES on any TWO of the following:

(a) It’s foreign policy between two wars.
(b) Collapse of Third French Republic.
(c) European Common Market.

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