Paper of General Knowledge Current Affairs CSS 2014

CSS Paper of general Knowledge Current Affairs Held on 16 February 2014, Unsolved paper of Current affair

Q.2. Evaluate the significance of water conflict between India and Pakistan in perspective of water management projects in Indian held Kashmir.

Q.3. Discuss the impact of AFPAK policy on Pak-US relations.

Q.4. Substantiate Pakistan’s role in UN peace keeping missions.

Q.5. Critically appreciate the decision making in Pakistan regarding energy crisis in Pakistan.

Q.6. What is character building? Access the factor (character building) in education systems of Pakistan and give suggestions for improvement.

Q.7. How can the corruption elimination be made part of the government systems of Pakistan.

Q.8. Discuss the strengths of USA to implement its economic policies worldwide.

Paper of General Knowledge Current Affairs MCQS CSS 2014
Following are some unsolved mcqs general Knowledge of CSS Paper of Current Affairs MCQS Part-11. Suez canal was constructed in?
2.Largest concrete dam in the world is?
3.Soft drinks contain ?
4.Largest internet using country in the world?
5.What does Viva Voce mean?
6.What does AD Hoc stands for?
7.What does status quo mean?
8.Pakistan peoples party was formulated in?
9.The killer mountain is?
10.Sahara desert is located?
11.First mobile inventor company was?
12. Musharraf started bus service in Quetta in?
13.Persona fata stands for?
14.In camera means?
15.Deepest ocean of the world is?
16.Ultra vires mean?
17. Largest landlocked country is?
18.Length of Khyber pass?