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Paper of General Knowledge Every Day Science CSS 2014

Paper of General Knowledge Every Day Science CSS 2014, Part 2 of Every Day Science CSS 2014, Attempt only five questions:All questions carry equal marks

Q.2 Discuss the contributions of the Muslim Scientists in the development of Astronomy,Algebra and Trigonometry.

Q.3 Give brief answers to the following:

a.why we bring our hands close our mouth while shouting across to someone far away.
b.why do we lean forward while climbing a hill
c.why does a swimming pool appear less deep than it actually is?
d.why cannot petrol fire be extinguished by water.
e.Why do Australian celebrate their Christmas during summer.

Q.4 Differentiate between

a.hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
b.renewable and non renewable energy resources
c.Lava and Magma
d.Mist and Fog
e.Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse

Q.5 Briefly Explain the principle of the following

b.Microwave oven

Q.6 Give brief explanations for the following phenomena

a.while watching a cricket match we see the ball struck a moment before we hear the sound of the bat hitting the ball.
b.a ship though made largely of the steel,which is heavier than water, floats in water.
c.the color of the same cloth whe seen in electric light appears different from the color when seen in day light. when heated cracks while metal does not.
e.although each eye perceives a separate image,we do not see everything double.

Q.7 write short notes on the following

a.environmental effects of the fertilizer use
b.Global warming

Q.8 Differentiate between

a.smog and smoke
b.radiotherapy and chemotherapy
c.diastolic and systolic pressure
d.infection and Allergy
e.conductors and insulators

Q.9 Briefly explain the function of the following in human body.

b.lymphatic system
c.thyroid gland
d.pituitary gland.
MCQs paper of General Knowledge Every Day Science 2014

1. Chromosomes consist of:
a. DNA only
b. RNA only
c. Protiens only
d. All of the above

2. Light Year is associated with:
a. Time
b. Distance
c. Frequency
d. None of the above

3. Silverfish is:
a. Fish
b. Reptile
c. Insect
d. Amphibian

4. Nebulae is a:

5. Shooting Star is a:

6. LASER is abbreviated as:

7. The word “Ceramic” means:
a. Hot clay
b. Soft clay
c. Hard clay
d. Burnt Clay

8. An essential ingredient used in vicks vapo rub obtained from plants is:

9. Hubble classification is based on:
a. grouping of Stars
b. grouping of Planets
c. grouping of Galaxies

10. Omer Khayyam was a:
a. Poet
b. Mathematician
c. Astronaut
d. All of the above

11. The echo of Big Bang can be heard in the form of:

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