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PPSC Solved Paper of Sub Inspector 2014

Solved Paper of Sub Inspector conducted by Punjab Publics Service Commission, PPSC on 02-03-2014.

1 : Allama Iqbal gave the name of Pakistan first time at : Allahbad
2. Which state Is given to india at 1947 partition: Ferozpur
3.FIR : First information report
4.which is used for defense against germs: platelets
5. WANA is in : South Wairistan
6. The head of committee for dialogues with Talibans from govt side: Irfan Sadique
7. Obma belongs to : Democratic party
8: Juvenile prisoners are under the age of : 18
9: Smoking is prohibited under the age of: 18
10: On the south side of Pakistan: Arabian Sea
11. Education is compulsory for the age of 5 to 16
12. toba tek singh by saadat hasan manto
13. Quratulin Haider: Novel Nigar
14. 2/? = ?/50 Answer is 10
15. Islam: muakamal zabita e Hayat
16. which word come first: sangdil
17: u can cook on hight bcz of: lack of oxygen
18: Jerusalem is the city of: Muslim , Christianity, Judaism
19. size of hard disk is measured in GB
20. a person walk on ¼ kilometer track seven time, how much he travel? 4 ¼ km
21.Quaid e Azam remain the Governor General for : 13 Months
22. Optical Fiber is project for : Communication
23. Kalabagh Dam is constructed on : Indus River
24. Khunjrab pass connects Pakistan with China
25. Reko Diq is the project of : Copper
26. Number of Districts in Punjab: 36
27: The obligation of citizen to obey the rules and regulation.
28. State means: Federal govt, provincial govt,
29. every person have right of, freedom, speaking, no discrimination
30. Boarder Line between Pakistan and Kashmir: LOC
31-The current Chief Minister of Gilgit–Baltistan is Syed Mehdi Shah
32-Head coach of Pakistan cricket is Moeen Khan
33-Nawaz Sharif is 18th prime minister of Pakistan
34-Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. is current Vice President of the United States
35-An international football world cup that is scheduled to take place in 2022 in Qatar (Doha)
36-To access YouTube in Pakistan Proxy software is used
37-The current Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry
38-Lethal synonym Deadly
39- Green vegetables contains Minerals and Vitamins
40-Pakistan has won the hockey world cup 4 times
41-Canada has the Maple leaf symbol in its Flag

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