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Past Paper of Assistant Director Land Records 2014

Past Paper of Assistant Director Land Records Held on 09-March 2014.
1. What is the Length of Pakistan and Afghanistan Boarder. Ans. 2252 km
2. The Number of Pakistan population wise: 6th
3. How many districts of Punjab: 36
4. First Non-British Governor of Punjab: Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
5. Which is also the component of Parliament except Senate and National Assembly: President
6. Total number of High Courts in Pakistan: 5
7. Command and Staff College at: Quetta
8. Total number of amendments in the constitution of 1973: 20
9. Most Important Mineral in Pakistan: Coal
10. Widely spoken language of Pakistan is: Punjabi
11. Masjid Mohabbat Khan: Peshawar
12. Herald
13. Doctrine of Lapse 1848: Lord Dalhouse
14. Florance Nightingle was famous for: Nursing
15. World War 1: 1914:1918
16. 4 July 1776 is the independence day of: USA
17. Which king buried in Kabul: Babur
18. Westminister Abbey: Church
19. Expected earth life: 1 Billion years
20. Mount Everest : Himalyas range
21. Tripol is the capital of: Libya
22. Taka is the currency of : Bnagladash
23. Canda is situated at: North America
24. League of Nation: Geneva
25. Which is not the organ of UNO: International Labor Organization
26. European Union: Brussels
27. Hanna Lake: Balochistan
28. Urban- Rural Ratio: 30:70
29. 38 Parallel separates: North and South Korea
30. 2nd largest ocean is: Atlantic Ocean
31. Dickinson was USA: Writer
32. Australia Discovered by: Captain Cook
33. Governor General of India after lord Mountbatten : Raja gopal achari
34. Before Independence Singapore was colony of: Malaysia
35. Pakistan share in global exports is: 1%
36. Assessment is Chapter numeber in PLR act… 7
37. Attachment of Land…. Section 75
38. Shareor portion of land held by one or more then one land owners… Holdings
39. 1st Muslim ruler of India: Qutub Din AAibk
40. Pablo Picasso was Spanish: Painter
41. Computerized record of Land… Section?? : 41
42. Which USA president in 20th century: John F. Kennedy
43. Study of Insects: Entomology
44. Most Populous city: Shanghai
45. After Karachi and Lahore largest city is: Faislabad
46. Which is not Kharif crop: Wheat
47. Henrry Kessinger worked as national security advisor under: Nixon & Gerald: Both
48. Which prize is given on 10th December every year? Nobel Prize
49. kitny type k revenue officer hoty he? 5
50. Sun is composed by: Hydrogen
51. UNO was established in : 1945

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