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PPSC Paper of Sub Inspector FIA 2018

Sub Inspector FIA Paper held On 19 July, 2018. Questions are given below.

English Portion:

1. Excise is most dissimilar to “retain”.
2. Recant means
3. Fossilise means
4. Cacti……… the answer of which was “tubers”.

Spellings correction

5. Permissible
6. Resemblance
7. Lemon Meringue
8. Ukulele
9. Illicit


10. Candid : indirect
Honest: frank
11. Candid : stoic
Delight: ?

Sentence correction

12. His behaviour………. affected our office environment.
a) Favorably. b) candidly.
I chose “favourably”.
13. The after morning (a) they woke (b) to have……. (c)………… (d).
I chose answer (a). The rest of the sentence was grammatically correct.
14. The fire alarm signaled a……………
a) breach. b) brooch. c) broach. d) none
I chose (a).

General Knowledge

1. KANUPP stands for.
2. Weather changes due to the revolution around of the sun from west to east.
3. All the five rivers of Punjab falls into (I chose Sukkar Barrage).
4. Tansen’s, famous singer of Akbar’s cort, original name.
5. Capital of U.K
6. Rekjavek is the capital of
7. World’s top billionaire
8. Zergeb is the capital of
9. Under the 19th amendment the following areas were included in FATA (adjacent areas of Lakki Marwat and Tank).
10. Area of S.Korea
11. Pak-India border length
12. Tenure of C.M
13. Alkhair University located in (AJK).
14. Coal has been discovered in (Thar)
15. Petroleum oil extracted in Pakistan?
16. Bakkar in which district?
17. Islamabad became capital under which constitution?
18. Shaheeno ka shehr
19. City famous for railway parts and locomotives (Mughulpura???)
20. Phillipines capital
21. University of Taxila was built by (Asoka???)
22. Which country got independence from Serbia.
23. Winds blow from high pressure to low pressure areas.
24. ISSB stands for.
25. Local bodies election under held? 23 March, 2001???)
26. Musharraf resigned as president on 18th March, 2008.
27. Union administration comprises of Union Nazim and……………….
28. According to international standard forest should cover (25% area???)
29. The book “A Nation is Born” has been written by? Syed Mahmud.
30. Rivers fall into indus on the point in Sidh (I mrked Tatta).

1. Companion of the Prophet during migration
2. Surah being recited by the prophet during migration
3. The longest surah of tge Quran
4. Brain of Arabia
5. The longest period of caliphate by Hazrat Usman for how much time
6. The first haafiz e quran among the four caliphs?
7. What’s the serial number of Surah Yaseen (36)
8. Most haafiz got martyred in which battle
9. Oldest mosque on earth
10. Distance b/w makkah and madina in miles
11. Daud’s son? Sulaiman
12. Abu-Bakar’s title? Abu-Abdullah
13. Alhamd is the another name of? Al-fatiha
14. Rade-kufr at which number? 6th
15. Crusades commander
16. When did muslims for the first time invaded spain?
17. Furqan is another name of? Badr
18. Imam Malik’s famous book? Mauta
19. Prayer in drought? Istasqa.

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