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Paper of DDO Planning Held by PPSC 2016

Paper of DDO Planning was conducted by the Punjab Public Service Commission on 17-7-2106. Following questions were appeared in this paper.

1. Meeran g tomb in .Mumbai.
2. Quid first wife .Emibai.
3. Palk strait between .India and Srilanka.
4. Gaakh novel written by
5. Molvi Abdul haq head of .Anjuman taraq-e-Urdu.
6. Ptv started in .November 26, 1964.
7. Muhammad ali boxer age .74.
8. qurtaba ka qazi written by .Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj.
9. NEC stands for .national economic council.
10. Word bank co organization. ICSID, MIGA, IFC, IDA, IBRD.
11. Inqilab iran date .A referendum on creating an Islamic Republic was held in Iran on 30 and 31 March 1979. I dont know if they wanted this or the perios which was Jan 1978 till Feb 1979
12. Per capita income in rupees .Around 1500 USD.
13. Planning comission head
14. Pick the odd .spoon. blow slice catch, as every thing else is a action
15. Ball .pole. moon earth
16. Yadun ki barat .Josh Malikh Abadi.
17. Nawab mohsin ul mulk real name .Syed Mahdi Ali Khan.
18. Tasmania part of .Australia.
19. Percentage of water on earth .71%.
20. Bhasha dam will be constructed on .Indus river.
21. Deposit in northern mountain
22. Apiary/aviary .where you keep birds and butterf;ies.
23. Planning borad headed by
24. Ishfaq ahmed famous of .Nuclear Scientist .
25. Ashak abad capital [Dont remember]
26.brexit .Britian Exit.
27. Lionel Andrés “Leo” Messi belong to .Argentina.
28.individual goal by in olympics
29. Pakistani VS England Cricket Match 1954, Paki captain .A.H.Kardar.
30. Lee Kwan Yew leader of .Singapore.
31. Who is Ibn Al-Haytham .scientist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher.
32. EU permanent Parliament .Brussels (Belgium.
33. European Central Bank .Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany.
34. Faiz ahmed Faiz ka pahla Deewan Nama
35. Cacha Chakahn ka kardar kis musanif ka hai .Imtiaz Ali Taj.
36. who is Akhtar Hameed Khan .Economist.
37. Sadqain .Painter/Calligrapher .
38. Qurat-ul-Ain ka pehla noval. Agg ka Derya. but please confirm
39. When Sidh seperated from Briatain .1936.
40. First man to travel into space in .1961.
41. Men to women ratio .111 men to 100 women.
42. Water formula .H2O.
43. Bio- Fuel is made up of .plant and animal.
44. China became republic .1949.
45. Polymath .Expert in different things.
46. Saint Petersburg famous city of .Russia.
47. ancient persepolis .Marvdasht, Fars Province, Iran.
48. River Nile .Cario.
49. river ganges .Varanasi, Haridwar, Allahabad, Kolkata, Patna, Kanpur, Ghazipur.
50. PC-I stands for .Planning commission Performa 1.
51. PC-II Approval is required .for feasibility.
52. ADP Formulation .1 financial year.
53. Financial Year is from .1 July of the previous calendar year and concludes on 30 June.
54. Somalia Capital .Mogadishu.
55. TDAP overlooks .Trade/Exports.
56. DAEWOO company origin .S. Korea.
57. sphygmomanometer is used to check .Blood pressure.
58. Painkillers are also called .Analgesic.
59. River seine .Paris.
60. Brojan Das .Bengali swimmer, who was the first Asian to swim across the English Channel.
61. Define Mean mortality Rate .units of deaths per year.
62. Numismatics is .Coin Collection.
63. Capital Expenditure acquiring or maintaining fixed assets, such as land, buildings, and equipment

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