Paper of Psychology CSS Exams 2014

Paper 1 of Psychology Psychology CSS Exams 2014
Q1. What are the major perspective of psychology and which one you prefer the most and why?
Q2. What do you understand by conditioning? How would you differentiate classical and operant conditioning?
Q3. Define personality in the context of different theories of personality. Give an account of objective and projective tests used to assess personality.
Q4. What is the significance of attitudes and prejudices in current wave of terrorism and violence in Pakistan? Suggest measures to eradicate prejudices which might help reduce terrorism in Pakistan.
Q5. Give a detailed account of theories of emotions and expressions.
Q6. Describe structure of brain and function of lobes of brain.
Q7. Short notes… Agents of socialization, attitude formation, endocrine gland, cerebellum, masslows theory of motivation, depth perception.

Past Papers of Psychology CSS Exams 2014, Paper two

Q1. Describe significant socio-cultural factors important for child development. Highlight those which are more relevant in our culture.
Q2. Describe Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Critically evaluate the theory too.
Q3. How would you define abnormal behaviour? Compare and contrast any two psychological perspectives for explaining this concept.
Q4. Elaborate behavioural approach to therapy for psychological disorders. Which is the most suitable behavioural technique for handling phobia?
Q5. Describe periods of prenatal development. What prenatal diagnoistic tests are available?
Q6. Differentiate between traditional concept of intelligence and emotional intelligence. How emotional intelligence is important for a CSP officer?
Q7. Short Notes… Work environment, juvenile delinquency, psychosomatic disorders, group dynamics, creativity, psychoanalytic therapy