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CSS Exams 2013 Paper of Journalism

Paper of Journalism CSS 2013 Held on 27-02-2013,, Journalism paper CE-2013

2. Is communication a reciprocal process? Comment in detail.
3. Describe in detail the educational and news functions of journalism.
4. Have newspapers lost their importance after the fast growth of cable television and social media in Pakistan? Comment.
5. Critically analyse the watchdog and lapdog role of public and private TV channels in Pakistan.

6. Public relations manipulates the news. Comment in detail.
7. Describe the social and economic aspects of advertising.
8. Press freedom and responsibility go hand in hand in a democratic society. Comment.
9. Write short notes on the following topics:
(i) Magazine journalism
(ii) Press release
(iii) Editorial
(iv) Non-verbal communication

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