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CSS 2013 Paper of General Knowledge Current Affairs

CSS 2013, Paper of General Knowledge (Current Affairs) CSS held on 25-February -2013,

Q2: Discuss the successes and failures of political parties in bringing about a meaningful change in Pakistan.

Q3: Discuss the current socio-political and security situation of Afghanistan and its implications for the neighboring countries.

Q4: How will “Arab spring” effect the political and security environment in the Arab World?

Q5: Discuss the importance of Pak-China relations. How does this relationship effect political and security environment in South Asia?

Q6: Discuss the causes of extremism and militancy in Pakistani society. Suggest ways and means for the state organs to overcome these problems.

Q7: Resolution of Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan can bring peace and prosperity in the region. Discuss.

Q8: Critically evaluate the causes of Energy crisis in Pakistan and its consequences for the economic growth and social fabric in the country.

Paper of General Knowledge Current Affairs MCQs Part -1 CSS 2013

1: The international Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as world peace day, is observed annually on:
a) 21st September
b) 23rd September
c) 12th October
d) None of these.

2: International day for the Elimination of Violence against Racial Discrimination is observed annyally on:
a) 23rd May
b) 21st March
c) 01st March
d) None of these.

3: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed annually on:
a) 25th December
b) 23rd November
c) 25th November
d) None of these.

4: Marin Luther KIng, Jr.Was an clergyman, activist and leader. He is famous for:
a) Civil rights Movement using non-violence disobedience in USA.
b) Civil rights Movement using violence in South Africa
c) Civil rights Movement using non-violence civil disobedience in India
d) Civil rights Movement using non-violence in Costa Rica

5: Which of the following Country has absolutely no military forces?
a) Costa Rica
b) Japan
c) Iceland
d) None of these

6: NATO headquarters are located in:
a) Birmingham
b) Barcelona
c) Baltimore
d) None of these.

7: The SAARC is an organization of South Asian nations. Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC?
a) Maldives
b) Myanmar
c) Bhutan
d) None of these.

8: The UNO uses the Human development Index to:
a) predict, in order to prevent, which countries are most likely to engage in ethnic cleansing.
b) demonstrate how well a country is providing for its people’s welfare and security.
c) predict the %age of displaced people that will leave a failed state.
d) prove that the Global South is not as poor as some have argued.

9: Which of the following states has not ratified teh Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty(CTBT)?
a) Canada.
b) France
c) United States.
d) None of these.

10: The most significant greenhouse gas is:
a) Ozone
b) ChloroFluorocarbons
c) carbonDioxide
d) None of these.

11: An Index that estimates the true rate of exchange among currencies is:
a) Human Development Index.
b) Exchange Rate.
c) Purchasing Power Parity.
d) None of these.

12: The idea that leaders initiate foreign conflicts in order to distract public opinion from controversial domestic policies is called:
a) Diversionary Theory of war.
b) Democratic peace Theory.
c) Autocratic Rule
d) None of these.

13: The lowest %age of internet users is found in:
a) North America
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) None of these.

14: The most prosperous member of global south, which have become important exporters and markets for the major industrialized countries are known as:
a) Newly Industrialized countries.
b) Developed Nations
c) Asian Tigers
d) None of these.

15: In international Relations, a global system containing two dominant powers is labelled with which of the terms?
a) Bipolar
b) Nationalist
c) Isolationist
d) None of these

16: The Axis powers in World War II did not include:
a) Germany
b) the Soviet Union
c) Italy
d) None of these

17: The position that a single dominant power can promote world peace came from :
a) balance-of-power
b) Socialist
c) Hegemonic stability
d) None of these

18: The US ambassador, J.Christopher Stevens was killed by millitants in :
a) Tripoli, Libya
b) Misrata, Libya
c) Benghazi, Libya
d) None of these

19: ——– explains how rational self-interested behaviour by individuals may have a destructive collective effect.
a) Tragedy of the commons
b) Population implosion.
c) carrying capacity
d) None of these

20: The process through which a country increases its capacity to meet its citizens’ basic human needs and raise their standard of living is called:
a) Self-determination
b) Democratization
c) Development
d) None of these

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