Past Paper of Sociology CSS 2014

2. Discuss attribution theories with special reference to media portrayals of social issues. Explain the role of dispositional traits and situational factors for individual actions or decision making.

3. What is the mind construction and explain if it is a planned activity? Discuss the role of education policy towards the formation of social mind and also show its importance in a separate paragraph.

4. What is a social organization? Discuss how precepts about caste and social classes influences smooth running of society.

5. Discuss the burgeoning role of social media in Pakistan. Explain the importance of regulating the mainstream electronic media towards the achievement of national goals. Illustrate your answer with examples from Pakistan.

6. What is the trained incapacity? Write two examples about two institutions in Pakistan where trained incapacity is promoted and where empowerment is encouraged.

7. Define the concept of perception and reality Discuss how perception of people are Manoeuvred to influence public opinion. Explain your answer with examples from Pakistan.

8. Write short notes on the following

a. Education as a factor of development
b. Security as a social construct