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Paper of Zoology CSS 2013 held on 04-03-2013

Paper of Zoology CSS 2013 conducted by the federal public service comission of pakistan, the paper was held on held on 04-03-2013. Questions appered in the paper are provided here.

Q.2 (a).Give an account of life cycle of Facciolo hepatica. (10)
(b). Describe the various types of larval forms found in crustacea. (10)

Q.3. (a). what is the difference between corallite and coral reef? Give an account of of the various forms of coral reefs. (10)
(b). write an essay on parasitic adaptation in Platyhelminthes. (10)

Q.4 (a) describe the morphology and microscopic structure of the shell of a gastropod Mollusca such as pila. (10)
(b) Describe the water vascular system of star fish. (10)

Q.5. Write short notes on Following:- (5 each)
(a) binary fission in paramecium (b). Flame cell
(C). Leishmaniasis (d). spicules

Section -B

Q.6. (A). Describe various types of heart found in the vertebrates. (10)
(b). give an account of flight adaptation of birds. (10)

Q.7. (a). Describe the pelvic girdle of heart found in the vertebrates. (10)
(b). Give a detailed structure of the eye of frog. (10)

Q.8. write short notes on the following:
(a). Biting mechanism of snakes (b). placenta
(c). fish scales (d). Neuron

Zoology CSS 2013 Paper II

Section A

Q.2. Describe the phenomenon of mitotic cell division in animals.(20)
Q.3. Define an allele. Explain mendal’s principle of independent assortment with examples. (20)
Q.4. What do you think about the sex-linked inheritance? Explain with examples.(20)


Q.5. Do you believe in ”Evolution”. Give evidences in favour of the theory. (20)
Q.6. Define bio-geochemical cycles. Explain ‘Nitrogen’ cycle diagrammatically. (20)
Q.7. What is Darwanisim? Differentiate it from Lamarkism. What do yo know about synthesis of Darwinian theory with population of genetics?(20)
Q.8. Describe Various interactions among animal populations. (20)

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