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Paper of Labour Officer Punjab Public Service Commission 2014

The post of Labour Officer was announced through Punjab Public Service Commission in 2014 and following questions were in the paper. these questions are very popular and helping in the upcoming paper of ppsc.

1. Lingua France means? (Not Sure)
2. Who many amendments passed? 20
3. How many part of constitution of Pakistan? XII (Not Sure)
4. When the constitution of Pakistan enforced? 14th aug 1973
5. National assembly and senate termed together? Parliament / Majlis-e-shoora
6. Section related to high treason? 6
7. CH-I of part II of constitution is related to? Fundamental rights? (Not Sure)
8. Is Constitution provides protection against retrospective punishment? Yes
9. Constitution of Pakistan grantee of ? All
10. Is Pakistan constitution allow referendum on national issue? Yes
11. Is PM under the trail of no confidence is he send the summary of dissolved assembly? No
12. Disqualification of MNA? All
13. President of Pakistan hold his office? None of these
14. Who can become Attorney General? Ombudsmen
15. Can a provincial assembly set power station in other province? Yes
16. Who distributed revenue among the provinces? NFC
17. When after decision of SC banded labour abolition act passed? 1989
18. Child define is labour law? Under the age of 10 (Not Sure)
19. Labour force in Pakistan ? 51.78
20. Which article prohibited child labour? 11
21. Article 17 related to ? All
22. Application for union registration? NIRC
23. Is CBA allowed by law? Yes
24. Strike/Lockout illegal when? All
25. Labour Judiciary consists? All

General Knowledge

26. Islamabad is the part of which province? None of these
27. Who many MM in one inches? 25
28. Sick man of Europe? Turkey
29. SASSHI THAROOR is latest autobiography of? Nehru
30. Which is the winner of Nobel peace prize? Yasir Arfat
31. Largest airport of world? Rayad
32. Who discover sea route to India? Vas coda Gama
33. UNESCO H.Q? Pairs
34. Largest producer of wheat? China
35. Brightest planet? Venus
36. Currency of Turkey? Lira
37. NPT is abbreviation of? Non purification treaty
38. First secretary of OIC was? Ahmed Seku
39. World populous city? Tokyo
40. Deepest ocean? Pacific
41. Industrial revolution began with the discovery of? Steam engine
42. Greek epic “LLiad” and “Odyssey” written by? Homur
43. Pravda is newspaper of which country ? Russia
44. KLM is airline of? Netherlands
45. Colonel rank in army equal to naval rank? Captain
46. 1905 important for? Portion of Bengal
47. Jaliwala is situated in which city? Amritsar
48. Pakistan resolution seconded by? Khaleeque-uz-Zaman
49. 16th Aug 1946 is renowned for? Direct Action Day
50. Early Problem after Pakistan creation except? Languages Issue
51. Bicameral system introduced first time in? 1973
52. Which pass connect Pakistan with china? Khunjrab
53. Highest rain fall recorded in which city? Murree
54. Exactness synonyms? Faultiness
55. Marvelous synonyms? Astonished
56. Person who studies rocks and and elements of earth is called? Geologist
57. Play into another hand means under______ ? Control
58. Burj-ul-Khalifa situated in? Dubai
59. Magna Carta define? King under the Law
60. Fungus Latin word means? Mushrooms
61. Who wrote “sole spokes men” ? Aeysha Jalal
62. My life…… a fragment is book of? M.Ali Johar
63. National Flower of Pakistan ? option was Yasmin not Jasmine so answer is non of these
64. Brussels is capital of? Belgium
65. Dev Chand was famous ? Hockey
66. Expected life of earth? 13 Million
67. Interpol is related? Police
68. River defines in Bible? Jordan
69. Pakistan won cricket world cup in? 1992
70. Pakistan highest foriex export? Cotton
71. Who discover dynamite ? Alford Nobel
72. Which language is not UNO official Language? Japanese
73. Pakistan purchased Gawadar from? Oman
74. Ch. Rehmat Ali published his pamphlet in ? 1933
75. When Pak capital shifted? 1959
76. 1st speaker of NA? Molvi Tamizudin
77. 2nd C.M of Punjab? Mumtaz Doltana
78. National defense university situated in ? Islamabad
79. Hindu Mahasaba was? Hindu Nationalist party
80. “Eye wash” means? Deceit
81. From which is not the novel of Thomas Hardy? Option D
82. Export of chemical and sugar resulted by? Projected (Not Sure)
83. Baluchistan became province in? 1970
84. Specialist of eye called? Ophthalmologist
85. From which was caretaker PM of Pakistan? Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi
86. 1st recipient of Nishan-e-Haider? Sarwar Shaheed
87. Olive branch is symbol of? Peace
88. Capital of Norway? Oslo
89. Capital of Poland? Warsa
90. Who build Rohtas fort? Sher Shah Shuri
91. Length of Indian Pak border? 1600
92. Solar eclipse occurred when? Moon b/w the E n S
93. Longest desert of the world? Sahara
94. Which country use veto power max? USA
95. Dermatology deals with? Skin
96. He is a fair minded person, and whenever he is arbitrated his verdict is? Detrimental
97. Creation of goods that result in greatest happiness of people is called? Utilitarianism
98. Who presented the theory of evolution ? Darwin
99. According to survey per-capita water level is being? Decreased
100. Which Organization deals with Labour ? ILO

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