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Paper of General Knowledge Everyday Science CSS 2015

Paper of general knowledge everyday science held on 15-02-2015
Q.2 (a). Ibn-e-batoota’s famous book rihalhah is an important source of history and geography. Justify it . (5).
(b). Albarouni is recognized more as natural scientist rather theorist. Comment (5) (10)
Q.3: (a) How solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are caused? (5)
(b) discuss the function of kidney in human body. (5) (10)
Q.4: (a). Describe briefly the principle of two of the followings: (5)
(i). Television. (ii). Microwave oven (iii). Radar
(b). What is the current status and future perspective of BIOTECHNOLOGY in Pakistan? (5) (10)
Q.5. (a). What do mean by night vision technology? (5)
(b). How energy crises can be minimized in Pakistan? (5) (10)
Q.6 . (a). Write short note on seismography. (5)
(b). Differentiate between
(i). Cell and battery (ii). Smog and smoke (5) (10)
Q7. (a). What do you understand by the pollen allergy. (5)
(b). Write down short on any two of the followings
(i). Antibiotics (ii). Hormones (iii). Green house effect (5) (10)
Q.8: (a).write down note on forensic science and criminology. (5)
(b). What are the fertilizers? What do you understand by NPK fertilizers? (5) (10)
Q. 9 . (a). What is the anemia? What are its symptoms and causes? (5)
(b). Write short note on space shuttle . (5). (10)

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