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Paper of Excise and Taxation Inspector 2014 PPSC

The paper of Excise and Taxation Inspector held on 09-March-2014 by the Punjab Public Service Commission of Pakistan. This paper is shared for helping the potential candidates who want to appear in the upcoming jobs of Excise and Taxation Inspector.

)How many time Pakistan has been non-permanent member of Security Council- 7 times
2)Headquarters of NATO- Brussels
3)Pak Iran gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on- 11 March, 2013
4)Biman is the airline of- Bangladesh
5)Last GG of Pakistan- Sikandar Mirza
6)Banki Moon is – Secretary General of UNO
7)Banki Moon belongs to- South Korea
8)HQs of Red Cross- Geneva
9)Largest Muslim country by population- Indonesia
10)Pak Afghan border line- Durand Line
11)Haroof e Muqat’tat Quran me kitni bar ate hen- 29
12) Rabbe zidni ilma, kis surah me ata ha- Yasin (Not confirmed)
13)Turb ka kia matlab ha- Khushi
14)Ganje Frishte kis ki tasnif ha- Sa’adat Hassan Mantu
15)Pakistan Ban Gia- Khadija Mastur
16)Kon c surah ka end dua k sath hota ha- Al-Imran (Nt Cnfrmed)
17)Filthy..antonym- Clean
18)Water logging is caused by- seepage (confirm it)
19)Black continent – Africa
20)She dressed- in black clothes
21)She is very kind- to me
22)correct word- Accept
23)Pak Afghan gas pipeline is also known- peace pipeline
24)Karachi is among- 20 biggest cities in the world
25)Country as an UNO observer country- Kosovo
26)100 / 4/7 = 175
27) x-4=11 then x-8= 7
28) halfway b/w 103 and 301 – 202
29) 2 ki power x = 32 then x ki power 2 = 25

1. Pakistan and Afghanistan boarder name: Durand Line
2. India and China boarder name: Mcmohan Line
3. The distance between earth and sun in the winter: Decrease
4. Pakistan Iran pipeline: 11 March, 2013
5. Pakistan Iran pipeline is also called: Peace pipeline
6. Red Cross headquarters: Geneva
7. NATO headquarter: Brussels
8. Google: Search Engine
9. Objective Resolution translated in urdu: Zafar Ali Khan
10. Last Governor General of Pakistan: Skindar Mirza
11. Longest river of Baluchistan: Hangol
12. 23RD ASEAN summit: Brunei, Bandar Sari Bagwan
13. NAM total members: 120
14. United Nation members: 193
15. pehla sajda kis pare man ATA ha: 9
16. Ban Ki Moon: Secretary General of UNO
17. Ban Ki Moon belongs to : South Korea
18. Nelson Mandela spends: 27 years in jail
19. Winter Olympics 2014 held in: Sochi
20. How many chambers heart have: 4
21. Body Temperature : 98.4F
22. Boiling point of Water: 100 C
23. Reason of Water Logging is: Seepage
24. Partition of Bengal: Lord Curzon
25. Day of Deliverance: 22 December 1939
26. Skindar Hayat Khan become governor of Punjab: 1937
27. How many times Pakistan become the non permanent member of security council : 7times
28. Biman is the airline of: Bangladash
29. Nearest Planet to earth is: Venus
30. Largest Muslim country by population: Indonesia
31. Financial year ends on: 30 June
32. NWFP in kpk: 2010
33. Al-Jazeera television: Qatar
34. Stock Market falling: Crashing
35. Warsak Dam on : Kabul River
36. Sodium Chloride: Salt
37. Kinder Garden: Nursery School
38. Obama Belongs to: Democratic Party
39. Who is buried in Jerusalem: Mulana Muhammad ali Johar
40. Inexplicable: Cannot be explained
41. Ritcher Scale measures: Earthquake
42. Karachi is among biggest city: Top 20
43. Observer Non Member States are: 2
44. Observer State: Holy See
45. Black Continent: Africa
46. She dressed in black cloth.
47. She is very kind to me.
48. Correct word: Accept
49. Zealot: Fanatic
50. He is faster than his brother.
51. Wrong Word: Transpyre
52. 2x = 32 so x2=? ………. =25
53. 100 divided by 4/7: 175
54. Halfway between 103 and 301 : 202
55. X-4=11 then x-8=? …………………… 7
56. Filthy antonym: Clean
57. Haroof e Muqat’tat Quran me kitni bar ate hen: 29
58. Rabbi Zidni Illma: Taha
59. Inb-e-Insha: 1927
60. Ganje Farishty: Sadat Hussain Minto
61. Aik Kahani Bari Purani: Uzma Muneer
62. Mutla meanin in urdu:
63. Turb ka kia matlab ha- Khushi
64. Pakistan Ban Gia- Khadija Mastur
65. Kon c surah ka end dua k sath hota ha: ?
66. Abu al Anbia is the title of: ? Hazra Ibrahim
67. Hajj me ghalti: Bakry ke qurbani
68. Khushboo : Parveen Shakir
69. IK ho Muslim Haram Ki Pasbani k liye
70. World Population Day: 11 July
71. pakistan national flower. jasmin
72 davis cup : Czech Republic
73 quran pak Ka ak name Buhran mean: Hujat puri krni wali book
74. Radcliff was : Lawyer
75. SAARC members: 8
76. pakistan and india at ASHEN platform : 4times
77.use of other computer illegally: Hacking
78. She was the sole survivor of
79. umm ul kitab: Surah Fatiha
80. tantamounts
81. Nabi Pak ne 4 umray kab kiye: ?
82. ISO: organiszation of standardlization
83. Mohammad Education Institute: 1886
84. Partition Plan: 3 june, 1947
85. Jinnah of Pakistan: Stanley Wolpert
86. The ruler of Kashmir in 1947: Harii Singh
87. Ahmed Saleem belong to : Maldives
89: Now and Never written by: Ch. Rehmat Ali
90: Which country has no Veto power in UNO: Canada
91: Bahropia : Ghulam Abbas
92: Island near Karachi: Manora

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