CSS Exams 2013 Paper of Philosophy

PAPER-I Philosophy CSS Exams 2013,

Q.2. Distinguish between inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. Why induction is considered crucial for scientific inquiry?

Q.3. How emotive use of language impedes clear thinking? Illustrate with examples.

Q.4. What are logical fallacies? Distinguish between formal and material fallacies.

Q.5. Briefly explain the rules of replacement.

Q.6. How does probability relate to inductive logic? Are they identical? Discuss and substantiate your views.

Q.7. Muslim logicians both criticized and developed Aristotelian logic. Briefly discuss with reference to Al-Farabi, Ibn-Sina and Al-Ghazali.

Q.8. Write notes on any TWO of the following:
a. Relativity of definitions
b. Value of special symbols
c. Scientific explanations

PAPER-II Philosophy CSS 2013

Q.2. Critically evaluate Logical Positivist’s thesis on the rejection of metaphysics.

Q.3. What is Iqbal’s concept of Ijtehad?

Q.4. Compare and contrast the views of Mutazilites and Asharites on ‘Reason and Revelation.’

Q.5. a. Write a comprehensive note on Freedom of Will.
b. Write a note on Asharites Atomism.

Q.6. Discuss Al-Ghazali’s position he takes against Philosophy and Philosophers.

Q.7. State and examine the main features of Dialectical Materialism as enunciated by Hegel.

Q.8. What are ‘Forms’ in Plato’s Philosophy? Why he needed ‘Forms’?

Q.9. Discuss in detail Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s doctrine of nature.