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CSS 2017 Paper of Botany Subjective

Q. No. 2. Describe briefly habitat, structure, reproduction and life cycle of adiantum.

Q. No. 3. Discuss evolution of seed and its importance in vascular plants.

Q. No. 4. Why is Darwin’s theory of evolution still so controversial? Explain.

Q. No. 5. How does the C4 pathway differ from C3 pathway of carbon fixation? What are the advantages and disadvantage of each pathway?

Q. No. 6. How did the discovery that the DNA molecule is helical with uniform 2-mm diameter
lead Watson and crick to propose the pairing rules for double-helix model? Explain.

Q. No. 7. Describe causes and reclamation of soil salinity and water logging in Pakistan.
Q. No. 8. Writer short notes on any FOUR of the following: (5 each)
(a) Forensic Palynology.
(b) Chemo taxonomy.
(c) Imperfect Fungi.
(d) Choromosomal aberrations.
(e) Economic importance of Acacia Family.

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