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CSS 2013 Paper of History of Pak and India

Paper of History of Pak and India CSS Paper-I 2013 Held on 28-02-2013
CSS 2013, Paper-I of History of Pak and India CSS held on 28-February -2013, Indo pak History paper-1
Part 2

Q2. Identify and evaluate the short term and long term impact of the Muslim’s invasion on the subcontinent

Q3.Narrate the steps taken by Ghiyas ud din balban for consolidating his rule.

Q4. ‘ the reign of Firuz tughlaq closed the most brilliant Epoch of the Muslim Rule in India before the reign of Akbar” comment.

Q5. give brief account of the services rendered by sufis and Ulemas in developing the Muslim society in the sub continent.

Q6. Give a brief review of the Socio-Economic conditions of the people under the sultans and Mughals.

Q7. write a brief but comprehensive Essay on the factors, forces and issues which contributes in establishing mughal rule in the subcontinent

Q8. Highlight the role of art, architecture and literature in projecting the image of muslims in the sub continent.

Paper of History of Pak and India MCQS Paper-I

1- Which was the capital of Ummayyads at the time of Muhammad bin Qasim’s invasion?
a- Baghdad
b- Kufa
c- Damascus
d- none of these

2- Which city was named as the city of gold by Arabs during Bin Qasim’s invasion of Sindh?
a- Debul
b- Multan
c- Brahman abad
d- none of these

3- To which Silsila Sheikh Bahauddin Zakriya Multani belongs?
a- Chishtiya
b- Suharwardia
c- Qadriya
d- none of these

4- Which sultan adopted the policy of ‘matrimonial alliances’ towards his rivals who challenged his authority?
a- Qutb ud din Aibak
b- Iltutmish
c- Balban
d- none of these

5- During which reign Khwaja Kutb ud din Bakhtyar Kaki died?
a- Qutb ud din Aibak
b- Iltutmish
c- Razia Sultana
d- none of these

6- Who ruled India from 1236 to 1240?
a- Iltuish
b- Behram Shah
c- Razia Sultana
d- none of these

7- Who succeeded Ghiyas ud din Balban?
a- Kaiqubad
b- kaikhusrau
c- Jalal ud din Khilji
d- none of these

8- Who wrote Fatawa-e-Jahandari?
a- Syed Ahmed Shaheed
b- Zia ud din Barani
c- Shah Walli ullah
d- none of these

9- Jamat khana Masjid at the Dargah of Nizam ud Din Auliya was constructed by
a- Ala ud din Khilji
b- Muhammad bin Tughlaq
c- Firuz Tughlaq
d- none of these

10- Which sultan believed that sultan is the Shadow of God?
a- Iltutmish
b- Muhammad bin Tughlaq
c- Akbar
d- none of these

11- During which dynasty Amir Taimur’s invasion of India took place?
a- Khilji
b- Tughlaq
c- Lodhi
d- none of these

12- Who was the founder of Sayyid dynasty?
a- Khizer khan
b- Mohammad Shah
c- Mubarak Shah
d- none of these

13-Guru Nanak was born during the reign of
a- Bahlol Lodhi
b- Sikandar Lodhi
c- Ibrahim Lodhi
d- none of these

14- Diwan-e-Arz related to the matters of
a- War
b- Land revenue
c- Finance
d- none of these

15- The Rohtas Fort is situated in the province of
a- Khyber pakhtunkha
b- punjab
c- Sindh
d- none of these

16- Which Mughal emperor imprisoned Sheikh Ahmed Sarhandi
a- Akbar
b- Jahangir
c- Shahjahan
d- none of these

17- Where was shah jahan at the time of death of Jahangir
a- Agra
b- Lahore
c- Deccan
d- none of these

18- In which year Noor Jahan died
a- 1625
b- 1635
c- 1645
d- none of these

19- Where is Moti Masjid
a- Lahore fort
b- Agra Fort
c- Rohtas fort
d- none of these

20- Amalgamation of Islamic, Iranian and Hindi architecture to shape Indo-Islamic architecture was dond by
a- Iranians
b- Greeks
c- Mughals
d- none of these

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