Notification Punjab Government Rules of Business, 1974

The Government of the Punjab, through a notification dated June 1, 1974, has established the Punjab Government Rules of Business, 1974, exercising powers conferred by Article 139 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. These rules encompass various aspects of governance and administration, outlining definitions such as those for “Assembly,” “Attached Department,” and “Autonomous Body.” The rules also provide definitions for key terms like “Business,” “Case,” and “Government,” among others. Additionally, it specifies the roles and responsibilities of officials such as the Chief Secretary, Head of an Attached Department, Minister-in-Charge, and Secretary, establishing a comprehensive framework for the conduct of government business in the Province of Punjab.

Moreover, the rules elaborate on the meanings of terms related to local governance, such as “District Coordination Officer,” “District Government,” and “Executive District Officer,” aligning them with the provisions of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001. The document further includes definitions for various entities, including the Parliament, Cabinet, and Public Service Commission, ensuring a clear understanding of organizational structures and functions. The rules aim to provide a structured and standardized framework for the functioning of government departments and their coordination, emphasizing clarity and efficiency in administrative processes within the Punjab province.

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The Rules of Business 1973

The Rules of Business 1973, as Meticulously Amended