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Past Paper of Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau (IB)

Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau (IB)

1. What is the national flower of Pakistan? Jasmine

2. Latest Constitutional amendment in the constitution of Pakistan? 20th

3. Ban ki moon belongs to which country? S Korea

4. Total Members of SAARC ? 8

5. Hotest planet of soloar system? Venus

6. The planets in solar system revolove due to ? Gravitational Forces

7. Which zone protect earth from dangerous radiations Ozone

8. Light year is the unit of . Distance

9. Normal human heart beats per minute are 72

10. Fertility of soil increade in natural way by cultivation Alternate crops

11. Deficiency of iodine in human cause disease(Goitre was not mentioned) None of these

12. Bad insulator among wood,wool and iron Iron

13. The light dispersed in how many colors when fall on prism 7

14. Main gases of green house CO2 and methane

15. Natural source of energy friendly to environment Solar&Hydal

16. Acoustics relates to Sound

17. Instruement for measuring humidity Hygrometer

18. ML was founded in which year ? 1906

19. Who was the main person in ALLAHABAD address? Allama Iqbal

20. What happened after elections of 1937 ? Muslims extremely loss of seats

21. Who was the first mughal ruler ? Babur

22. First constitution of pakistan was passed in which year ? 1956

23. Sindh ML passed what resolution in 1938 ? Separate country

24. UN Security council has its HQ in which city ? New York

25. OIC headquarter is situated in which city? Jedda

26. Total books of sahi sita? 6

27. Hadith is the …… source (1,2,3,4) 2

28. Ravi means? Who narrate hadiths

29. Mawatta book written by ? Imam Malik

30. City of hadith? Madina Munawra

31. There are how many SAARC member present? 8

32. London olympic hockey champion Germany

33. Gasses pattern at night , by plants Intake O2 and exale CO2

34. When will US forces withdrwan from Afghanistan , announced by Obama 2014

35. Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the current what of Syria ? President

36. Copy of genes or producing same copy of living organisms done in Cloning

37. Device which doesn’t store data(Hard disk,cd,microprocessor,none) Microprocessor

38. Friction is not present in(Swimming,walking,slipping on ice,none) None of these

39. Acting president in absence of president ? Chairman of Senate

40. Naval HQ located in ? Islamabad

41. Pakistan.Iran.India gasline is called Peace pipeline

42. Mega irrigation project in Balochistan? Kachi canal

43. Gawadar built with the collaboration of which country? China

44. Petroleum sector regulate by which? OGRA

45. In charge of state bank is Governor

46. First written constitution: Meesaq-e- Madina

47. Capitol of Libya is Tiripoli

48. 2power3 + 2 power 3 = 2 power 4

49. (-2)power9 + (2)power9 = None of these

50. 3x square -7x +23,put x=2(answer19not present) None of these

51. How many words can be formed from word STUDY(Take factorial of 5) 120

52. If 2x:5y=3:4 then x:y=? 15:8

53. 150% of 48 72

54. What percent decrease makes 160 pound to 152 pounds? 5%

55. Boiled water is given hottest flame what happens to temperature? Remain constant

56. What comes next of 012358 13

57. History deals with Past

58. Gas required for combustion Oxygen

59. Dark clouds are in the sky so rain is Imminent

60. Al Hidaya was written by Ahnaf

61. Afridi is one of those who never… to the miseries of his life. Submit

62. Where………his books? Did he put

63. Diamond is a…. Material Noun

64. Was she…the the people present? Among

65. I can’t even think…borrowing money. Of

66. His books…next week. Will be published

67. He sets two alarms so as to…that he didn’t oversleep. Ensure

68. Police had to…to another road as there was terrible accident. Divert

69. Average of multiples from 10 to 190 (10&190 included) 100

70. Tickets of children are sold at helf rate as compared to adults.There are
Five adults tickets sold and 8 children’s.Find what was rate for adult tickets
If total cost of tickets was 27? 3rp

71: Car question with one moving opposite to other with 8km/h speed more 48&56

72: 6inch long and 5feet wide(60inch) fence question None of these

73: Which one prime no among 2,3,37? All of these

74: What comes next 0,1,2,3,6,9,12,16,…
12+8= 20

75: Due to shortage of fuel the gov’t has asked the public to…consumption. Economize

76: In absence of facts we can…from facts. Deduce

77: He…that it was 5 O’Clock. Realized

78: One of the players….highest goal in the tournament. Score

79: Word “Hoping to enter the university” is Clause

80: Possitive integer whose tenth digit is 5 longer than its unit.
Sum of digits is 11. 83

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