Paper of History of the U.S.A. CSS Exams 2013

Paper of History of the U.S.A. CSS 2013 Held on 28-02-2013, CSS 2013, Paper of History of the U.S.A. CSS held on 28-February -2013
1. Discuss Thomas Jefferson as president,politician and political theorist.

2. Discuss impact of Jacksonian presidency on American politics of the time.

3. Examine the events and developments that pushed the American Nation towards the civil war.

4. Discuss the internal and external factors that led the U.S on an imperialist path at the end of the 19th century.

5. Discuss the American efforts to build a New World Order after the end of the Cold war. Comment on its success or failure.

6. Critically examine U.S role as a peace maker in the post-Cold war era,with particular reference to the Balkans and South Asia.

7. Write concise notes on any TWO of the following:
(a) Benjamin Franklin
(b) Marbury vs Madison
(c) Korean war
(d) Watergate scandal