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Paper of European History CSS Exams 2017

Paper of European History CSS Exams 2017

Q. No. 2. How did the French Revolution and the era of Napoleonic conquests stimulate
liberalism, nationalism and conservatism in Europe?

Q. No. 3. What was the German Confederation and how did it attempt to resolve the
classical problem of Central Europe?

Q. No. 4. Between Mazzini, Cavour and Garibaldi, who do you think made the most
significant contribution to Italian unification?

Q. No. 5. Would it be a fair assessment of Bismarck’s legacy that in creating a united
Germany he laid the foundations of the First World War?

Q. No. 6. How did the First World War generate conditions conducive to the emergence of
radical left-wing and radical right-wing movements in Europe?

Q. No. 7. What was, in your view, the most important factor that led the United States to
abandon its historic policy of isolationism and adopted internationalism after

Q. No. 8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following: (5 each)
(a) Georges Clemenceau (b) The Berlin Wall
(c) The Cuban Missile Crisis (d) Winston Churchill
(e) Stalin (f) Charles de Gaulle

Paper of European History CSS Exams 2017

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